Filename Extensions
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Configuration File Extensions

vssettingsVisual Studio Settings File
vstpresetCubase VST Preset File
vsuMicrosoft Visio Custom User Interface File
vtpfVirtual PC Preferences Data
vtvAdobe Dreamweaver Code Validation Configuration
vucVirtual Talker Settings File
vueMicrosoft Schedule Plus Configuration Data
vuiVisual Navigation Suite Exported Settings
vvVirt Viewer Configuration
vviLifecycle Visualization Configuration File
vwiAllStar Visitor Watch Configuration
w4jWinRun4J Settings
wacomprefsWacom Tablet Preferences Backup
wacomxsWacom Tablet Expert Settings
wbxMikrotik RouterOS Winbox Configuration
wc4WinCheckIt4 Settings
wcfWadAuthor Configuration
wcfgWildTangent Configuration
wcrErgane Configuration
wcstWirecast Setup
wcxRemoteApp and Desktop Connections Configuration
wdaNetManage RUMBA Configuration
websettingsJ2EE Web Project Settings Data
wedJAWS Configuration
weeWee Configuration File
wfcWindows Wireless Network Settings
wfcWinFellow Configuration
wfgWinFrog Configuration Data
wfwWindows Firewall Exported Rules
wgcWatchGuard Log Server Config File
1111 to 1140 of 1255