Filename Extensions
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Configuration File Extensions

zccZephyr Communication Configuration
zcfgHLGuard Z Config
zcfgZoom Search Engine Config
zfgZOC Settings Data
zftBlueZone FTP Configuration
zgvZephyr Eclipse Server Global Variables
zhsZephyr Eclipse Server Hotspot Data
znnZNN Network Architecture Configuration
zocZOC Client Configuration Data
zpfForm Z Preferences File
zprfZipIt Preferences Data
ztdBlueZone T27 Display Settings Data
ztnZOC SSH Tunnel Settings Data
zudBlueZone UTS Display Settings Data
zvtAdobe Photoshop Zoomify Preset
zvtBlueZone VT Settings Data
zxkZX Spectrum Vega Keymap
zz0NetBSD ZZ0 Interface Configuration
zz1NetBSD ZZ0 Interface Configuration
zzbMultiView Configurable Toolbar
zzcMultiView Connection Details
zzdMultiView Wizard Defaults
zzeMultiView Emulation Details
zzfMultiView File Transfer Configuration
zzkMultiView Keyboard Mapping
zzpMultiView Configurable Pop-up Menu
zzrMultiView Rules Agent Editor File
zztMultiView Terminal Configuration
zzuMultiView Uninstall File
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