Filename Extensions
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Configuration File Extensions

xgiXBCD Custom Settings File
xgsXACT Global Settings
xiuChiasmus Configuration
xjbJAXB Binding Customization
xjsJindent Settings File
xlaunchXLaunch Session Data
xlpfMicrosoft Excel for Mac Settings Data
xlyCMUD Settings Data
xmbclpX-Mouse Button Control Data
xmbcsX-Mouse Exported Settings Data
xmcLingoes Configuration Data
xml-prevOracle VM VirtualBox XML Settings Backup
xnoteXNote for Thunderbird Settings Data
xpadderXpadder Settings Data
xpaddercontrollerXpadder Controller Profile Data
xpfLMMS Presets Data
xpyXPY Settings Data
xrxMicrosoft Expression Encoder Media Profile
xssSorenson Squeeze Presets Data
xvmVMware Server Console Configuration
xwkCrosstalk Communicator Keyboard Mapping
xwmsWMS Server Connection Data
xxe_guiXMLmind XML Editor GUI Settings Data
yardoptsYARD Settings
ysmYamaha Studio Manager Settings Data
ytyt Project Configuration
z7dBlueZone ICL 7561 Display Settings Data
zafZoneCentral Access List Data
zapWindows Software Installation Settings
zcZipKey Settings
991 to 1020 of 1049