Filename Extensions
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Configuration File Extensions

awcActive-HDL Accelerated Waveform Configuration
awfActive-HDL Waveform Data
axcMicrosoft Dynamics AX Configuration
axlArcIMS Designer Viewer Configuration
axrAdvanced Archive Password Recovery Settings
b3pNative Instruments Battery Preset
barTotal Commander Button Bar Settings
baseconfigAirPort Utility Settings
bashrcBash Configuration
bash_loginBash Login Script
bash_logoutBash Logout Script
bash_profileBash Shell User Profile AutoText Data
bbkeymapBlockbench Key Mapping
bbsettingsBlockbench Settings Data
bbtlBBEdit Tool Palette Data
bbuBossBackup2 Backup Set
bcdWindows Boot Configuration Data
bceBCE Configuration
bcfArbortext Editor Burst Configuration Data
bdaTracked! Backup Configuration File
bdb2BrainMaster Settings
bgiBgInfo Configuration
bhtBloodHound Template
bifNovell GroupWise Binary Information File
bifNovell GroupWise Initialization File
bitcfgPassMark BurnInTest Configuration Data
bitpimBitPim Configuration
bochsrcBochs Runtime Configuration Data
borARCIMBOLDO Configuration File
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