Filename Extensions
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Configuration File Extensions

txrCorelDRAW Graphics Custom Settings Data
typeit4meTypeIt4Me Clippings
tziWindows CE Time Zone Information
uaeWinUAE Configuration
uavOpenPilot UAV Settings Data
ubbBEA eLink Adapter Configuration
ubrWeb Capacity Analysis Tool Settings
uchrApple iOS Keyboard Layout
ucpSmartWare Communications Profile
udcUniversal Data Connection
udcxUniversal Data Connection
uecUltraEdit Saved Settings
ufiUFOCapture V2 Settings
uhvEurotherm 6100a Bridge Profile
umbMemMaker Configuration Backup File
umprofileUltraMon Display Profile
unitSystemd Unit Data
unsVisual Navigation Suite Export Settings
upfBentley MicroStation User Preference File
uploadWebSTAR File Upload Option
uppUnified Printer Parameter
upvUniversalPlantViewer Configuration Data
uscUSC Module Definition
userconfigWeblogic Admin UserConfig Data
utlSAP BACKINT Interface Profile
uvoptµVision v4 Project Options
uvoptxµVision v5 Project Options
uxXMetaL XML Configuration File
v22V-22 Controller Settings Data
vboxOracle VM VirtualBox VM Settings
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