Filename Extensions
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Configuration File Extensions

rfwReflection FTP Settings
rhsIconyx BeamWare Setup Parameters Data
rinRappInfo PostScript Converter Configuration
rkrRakarrack Presets Data
rootBind Root Nameservers Configuration
rprofileR Startup Configuration
rpsAutodesk 3D Studio MAX Render Preset Settings
rsetExtensions Manager RSET Data
rspOracle Universal Installer Response Data
rsuserMicrosoft SQL Server Report RSUser Data
rsxRSLinx Configuration Data
rtaxRTA Gateway Exported Configuration
rtoRumba File Transfer Profile
rubJQuery Rules Data
rulesetVisual Studio Code Analysis Rule Set
rvsLattice Reveal Analyzer Settings
s00Roland V-Synth Settings Data
s2cSpike2 Configuration Data
s2cxSpike2 v7 Configuration Data
samrcSAM Default Parameters Data
sbsSubstance Designer Substance Package
sbsprsSubstance Designer Presets Data
scacfgSuperCard Application Configuration
scfLotus Symphony SpellChecker Configuration
schemeSothink Logo Maker Color Scheme
scpcfgSuperCard Project Configuration
scpresetsSnap Converter Presets Data
scrEAGLE Settings Data
sdcSmart Diary Suite Configuration
sdeArcSDE Connection File
721 to 750 of 1066
1 2 3 ... 23 24 25 26 27 ... 34 35 36