Filename Extensions
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Configuration File Extensions

prfpsetAdobe Premiere Pro Effect Preset
prfsLuppp Preferences Data
productEclipse IDE Product Settings
profileBash Shell Profile
profilesAmaya Profiles Configuration
profimailProfiMail Settings
propdescWindows Search Property Description
propertiesMozilla Firefox Properties Data
provNokia Java S40 Phone Boot Settings Data
prpresetAdobe Premiere Pro Preset Data
prstAdobe InDesign Print Settings
prxWindows Media Encoder Settings
psprojPostSharp Project Configuration
psscWindows PowerShell Session Configuration
pstApple Logic Studio Plugin Settings Data
ptpAvid Pro Tools Preperences Data
puiFoobar2000 Panels UI Configuration
pvcParallels Desktop Copied Configuration
pvsParallels Desktop Configuration File
pvxParaView XML Configuration
pw5PlanetPress Workflow Configuration
pw6PlanetPress Workflow Configuration
pw7PlanetPress Workflow Configuration
pzsPizazz Plus Palette Settings Data
pztPizazz Plus Transfer Data
q1WinAMP Equalizer Presets
q2WinAMP Equalizer Auto-load Presets
q5qSuperBladePro Presets Data
q9qSuperBladePro Presets Data
q9sMr Contrast Preset Data
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