Filename Extensions
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Configuration File Extensions

aliasesLabVIEW IP Adresses Map
allowTCP Wrapper Access List Data
altqQuickView Settings Data
amgpAntimicro Profile Data
ampPATCHMASTER Amplifier Settings
anomOpenBullet Configuration Data
antispam5Intego Personal AntiSpam Settings Data
aoisCFS Console Add-on Installer Settings
apmPro/ENGINEER Configuration
appref-msMicrosoft ClickOnce Application Reference
apvBenMAP APV Configuration
apxtDataLink Connect Settings Data
arenAdvanced Renamer Presets Data
arlAOL Organizer File
aseAdobe Photoshop Swatch Exchange File
asefAdobe Photoshop Swatch Exchange File
asgpHP-UX NIS Maps Configuration
at3pAmpliTube 3 Presets
atbBRLTTY Attributes Table Data
audibleprefsAudible Preferences Data
aupresetApple Logic Studio Preset
ausOutpost Firewall Pro Configuration
authShopSite Store Authorization Data
avastconfigAvast Antivirus Configuration Data
aveAvid Media Composer User Profile
avgconfigAVG Antivirus Configuration
avgfvAVG Internet Security UI Settings
avpAvira AntiVirus Profile Data
avsAdvanced Visualization Studio Presets Data
avsAvid Media Composer Settings
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