Filename Extensions
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Configuration File Extensions

mtxcfgMKVToolNix GUI Settings
mudzMUD Settings Data
mxdMX Editor Device Configuration Data
mxuMultiExchange Unit Configuration File
myYudit Settings
naclNameCleaner Internal Data
namNovell Netware Namespace Data
nanorcGNU Nano Configuration
naprNameCleaner Preferences Data
naptNavicat Premium Data Transfer Profile
ncaNikon Capture Color Adjustment
nccNative Instruments Controller Editor Configuration
ncfMicrosoft SMS Network Configuration
ncfNovell Storage Services Cache Settings
ncfSteam Client Configuration Data
ncmNokia Configuration Message
ndcIBM Personal Communications Connection Configuration
ne0NetBSD NE0 Interface Configuration
ne1NetBSD NE0 Interface Configuration
neopNord Electro 3 Organ Preset
netccfgSUMO netconvert Configuration
netgcfgSUMO netgenerate Configuration
nh5Nelson Workspace Settings
nkpNative Instruments Kontakt Presets
nktrl_setKorg Kontrol Editor Scene Settings Data
nlpbNavicat for SQLite Backup Profile
nlpdNavicat for SQLite Data Synchronization Profile
nlpeqNavicat for SQLite Export Query Result Profile
nlpiNavicat for SQLite Import Wizard Profile
nmdsdcidMedia Player Settings
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