Filename Extensions
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Configuration File Extensions

kuipKingsoft Office Personalization
kvmKVM Configuration Data
kxkX Project Mixer Settings
kxcKEA! X Server Settings Data
ky3RAC6181 Keypad Configuration
kybKeyboard Layout
kysAdobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Settings
lasLight-O-Rama Animation Sequence
launchZend Studio Debugger Configuration Data
lbfWaterGEMS LoadBuilder Configuration Data
lbuCloaked Affiliate Link Builder Settings
lccCapture One Lens Cast Correction
lccLight-O-Rama Channel Configuration
lctOracle Generic Loader Control File
ldrWindLDR Ladder Diagram
ldtBelkin Loadout Manager Data
lfmrcLast File Manager Runtime Configuration Data
lfoAlchemy Low Frequency Oscillator Presets
lfoCamel Audio Alchemy Preset
lilyPCSX2 LilyPad Configuration
lirADI Ocelot Configuration
listAPT Package Resource List
lkgHP-UX LKG Configuration
lksWinAMP Links
lmmsLMMS Configuration Data
lnstAdobe InDesign Line Presets
locrMac OS X Location Manager Settings Data
lrChaos Desktop Layer Settings
lrsmcolAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Smart Collection Settings
lrwebAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Web Gallery Settings Data
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