Filename Extensions
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Configuration File Extensions

gwmX11 Generic Window Manager Settings
h2pZenra 2 Presets
hcaHAHTsite CGI Alias Data
hcmIBM HCM Configuration
hdpHotDocs Publish Settings File
hdprgFL Studio Hardcore Preset
hdrHAHTsite Site Configuration Data
hdtAdobe Photoshop HDR Toning Preset
helpcfgAdobe AIR Help Configuration
hexdwcHHD Hex Editor Configuration Data
hexsetFree Hex Editor Neo Settings Data
hfmHFM.NET Configuration
hfmxHFM.NET v0.90 Configuration
hfpHarrys Filters Preset
hfpXnView Filter Settings
hgeolMercurial EOL Data
hgrcMercurial Configuration Data
hidSony Ericsson Bluetooth HID Configuration
hkcHTML-Kit Auto Complete Shortcuts Data
hmlHostMonitor TestList Data
hnhHTTP Net Header Configuration
hotkeys3D-Coat Hotkeys Settings Data
how2Visma Performit Player Configuration
hrtHeart-Profit Configuration
hsgHAHTsite Site Configuration for AS Group
hstHAHTsite Site Configuration Data
htHyperTerminal Settings
htaccessApache htaccess File
htgroupApache htgroup File
httpApache HTTP Configuration Data
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