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Configuration File Extensions

310svTri-Sen 310sv Controller Configuration
3kAPP Keyboard Definition Data
4zxGenero Studio Zoom Module Settings Data
5xbLine 6 POD HD500X Edit Bundle
5xeLine 6 POD HD500X Edit Preset
8bpfAdobe Photoshop for Mac Preferences Data
8st8start Launcher File
a2mTS AudioToMIDI Settings Data
a3xAccuLoad III-X Configuration
aawLavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 Configuration
absTurboZIP Autocompress Script
acblAdobe Illustrator Legacy Color Book
accessJava Access Control Data
acfDB/TextWorks Access Control File
acgIBM Personal Communications SNA Configuration
aclRaidenFTPD Access Control List
acnAceNet Configuration
acrobatsecuritysettingsAdobe Acrobat Security Settings
acsDB/TextWorks Access Control Special File
acticfgSUMO activitygen Configuration
acwAccessibility Wizard Settings
adbAIMSS Runtime Project Configuration
adbaAIMSS Author Project Configuration
admlWindows Group Policy Language-dependent File
admxWindows Group Policy Language-neutral File
advAbleton Live Device Preset
ae0NetBSD AE0 Interface Configuration
ae1NetBSD AE0 Interface Configuration
aiisTelerik Test Studio Project Settings
aiuAdvanced Installer Updates Configuration
aiwFDS Imaging Software Configuration
akmAksharamala Binary Keymap
aliasesLabVIEW IP Adresses Map
allowTCP Wrapper Access List Data
altqQuickView Settings Data
amgpAntimicro Profile Data
ampPATCHMASTER Amplifier Settings
amxNGA WinControl Excel Connection Parameter
anomOpenBullet Configuration Data
antispam5Intego Personal AntiSpam Settings Data
aoisCFS Console Add-on Installer Settings
apmPro/ENGINEER Configuration
appref-msMicrosoft ClickOnce Application Reference
apvBenMAP APV Configuration
apxtDataLink Connect Settings Data
arenAdvanced Renamer Presets Data
arlAOL Organizer File
aseAdobe Photoshop Swatch Exchange File
asefAdobe Photoshop Swatch Exchange File
asgpHP-UX NIS Maps Configuration
at3pAmpliTube 3 Presets
atbBRLTTY Attributes Table Data
audibleprefsAudible Preferences Data
aupresetApple Logic Studio Preset
ausOutpost Firewall Pro Configuration
authShopSite Store Authorization Data
avastconfigAvast Antivirus Configuration Data
aveAvid Media Composer User Profile
avgconfigAVG Antivirus Configuration
avgfvAVG Internet Security UI Settings
avpAvira AntiVirus Profile Data
avsAdvanced Visualization Studio Presets Data
Avid Media Composer Settings
awcActive-HDL Accelerated Waveform Configuration
awfActive-HDL Waveform Data
axcMicrosoft Dynamics AX Configuration
axlArcIMS Designer Viewer Configuration
axrAdvanced Archive Password Recovery Settings
b3pNative Instruments Battery Preset
barTotal Commander Button Bar Settings
baseconfigAirPort Utility Settings
bashrcBash Configuration
bash_loginBash Login Script
bash_logoutBash Logout Script
bash_profileBash Shell User Profile AutoText Data
bbkeymapBlockbench Key Mapping
bbsettingsBlockbench Settings Data
bbtlBBEdit Tool Palette Data
bbuBossBackup2 Backup Set
1 to 80 of 1296