Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

eseqYamaha E-SEQ File
espsESPS Sampled Data
esuESU LokSound Electronic Sound
etaeTreppid Audio Data
etmeTreppid Audio Data
etveTreppid Audio Data
etwEnter-Tech Recorded Audio
evrcEnhanced Variable Rate Codec Audio
exlKorg X3 Song
expressionmapCubase Expression Map
exsEmagic EXS-24 Instrument
f2rFarandole Composer Linear Module
f32Raw 32-Bit Audio
f3rFarandoyle Blocked Module
f4aAdobe Flash MP4 Audio Stream
f4bAdobe Flash MP4 Audio Book
f64Raw 64-Bit Audio
farFarandole Composer Music Module
fcFuture Composer Module
fffGravis UltraSound Sound Bank Data
fibFM-Kingtracker Sound Bank
flacFree Lossless Audio Codec File
fltStarTrekker Music Module
fmkFM-Kingtracker Module
fptFarandole Composer Pattern
fsbFMOD Sample Bank
fsmFarandole Composer Sample
ftiFamiTracker Instruments Data
ftmFamiTracker Music
fuzzFuzzac Packer Module
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