Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

bmmBleeper Music Maker Music
bmwBuzz Music without Waves
bmxBuzz Music Data
bn4Yamaha DX100 Voice Data
bnkWwise Sound Bank Data
bnkYamaha DX100 Voice Data
bonkBonk Audio
bpSoundMon 2.0 Music Data
brrSNES BRR Audio
brsarBRSAR Audio Package
brstmBRSTM Audio Stream
bseBedevilled Sound Engine File
bunCakewalk Bundle Data
bwavBroadcast Wave Format Audio
bwfBroadcast Wave Format Audio
bwgBrainWave Generator Preset
bwwBagpipe Music Score
c01Typhoon OS Voice Data
cafCore Audio Format
caffCore Audio Format
cdaCD Audio Track
cddaCD Audio Track
cdgCD+G Karaoke File
cdzCadenzo Music Data
celAdobe Audition Loop
celNI Battery Drum Cell Data
celpCELP Compressed Audio
celtFMOD CELT Compressed Audio
cfaAdobe Premiere Conformed Audio
cffBoomTracker 4.0 Song
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