Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

w07Yamaha SY Series Sample
w08Yamaha SY Series Sample
w09Yamaha SY Series Sample
w10Yamaha SY Series Sample
w11Yamaha SY Series Sample
w12Yamaha SY Series Sample
w13Yamaha SY Series Sample
w2eYamaha Motif ES Voice Editor Data
w2vYamaha Motif Voice Data
w3eYamaha Motif ES Voice Editor Data
w3vYamaha Motif Voice Data
w4ksndWusik 4000 Instrument Data
w64Sony Wave64 Audio
w6eYamaha Motif ES Library Data
w7aYamaha Motif ES Audio Data
w7eYamaha Motif ES Library Data
w7pYamaha MO8 User Pattern Data
w7vYamaha Motif ES Voice Data
w8aYamaha Motif ES Audio Data
w8eYamaha Motif ES Library Data
w8vYamaha Motif ES Voice Data
w9eYamaha Motif ES Library Data
waWavArc Compressed Audio
wa0Magix Music Studio Data
wapttWhatsApp Messenger Recorded Voicemail
wavBroadcast Wave Format Audio
wavWindows Waveform Sound
waveWindows Waveform Sound
wave64Sony Wave64 Audio
waxWindows Media Audio Redirector
961 to 990 of 1077