Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

vapAnnotated Speech Data
vbSony Playstation Wave Bank Body
vbkCallPilot Audio Data
vcSonarc Compressed VOC Audio
vc3MAZ Sound VSampler 3 Soundbank
vdjVirtualDJ Audio Sample
vdjsampleVirtualDJ Sample Data
vgmVideo Game Music
vgm7z7-Zipped VGM Music
vgzGZip Compressed VGM
vhSony Playstation Wave Bank Header
vitalVital Synthesizer Preset
vitalbankVital Synthesizer Bank Data
vm1Panasonic VM1 Voice Data
vmdCovox Raw Sample
vmoSiemens Voice Memo
vocCreative Labs Sound Blaster Sound
vogYamaha SFG-05 Voice Data
voiVoyetra Digital Orchestrator Pro Voice
voxAdobe Audition Audio Wave Data
voxDialogic ADPCM Audio
voxSuperVoice Voice Data
vox-6kDialogic ADPCM Audio
vox-8kDialogic ADPCM Audio
vpVOCPACK Lossless Compressed Audio
vpmGarmin Voice Data
vpwVoxPro Wave File
vqfTwinVQ Audio
vqlTwinVQ Audio
vr8Roland VS-840 Recorded Audio
931 to 960 of 1095