Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

al7Casio WK-6500 All Data
alacALAC Encoded Audio
alawA-Law Compressed Audio File
alcAbleton Live Clip
alpAbleton Live Pack
alsAbleton Live Set
alwA-Law Compressed Audio File
ambAmbisonic B-Format Audio
amdAMUSIC Adlib Tracker Music
amfAdvanced Module Format Music
amrAdaptive Multi-Rate Audio
amr-wbAdaptive Multi-Rate WideBand Audio
amsAbleton Meta Sound
amsVelvet Studio Music Module
amxdAbleton Max for Live Device
aobDVD Audio Object
aonArtOfNoise Music Module
ap4Kids&Us Storybook Audio File
apcA-Pac Compressed Audio
apeMonkey's Audio File
apexAVM Sample Studio Sound Bank
aplMonkey's Audio Link
ariaChipsounds Sound
ariaxChipsounds XML Sound
arlAureal Aspen Bank Data
arpx8TechnoToys Arp-X8 MIDI Arpeggiator Data
artGigaStudio Articulation Data
aseVelvet Studio Sample Data
asfActiveMovie Streaming Format Data
asnAtlantis Word Processor Sound Scheme
61 to 90 of 1170