Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

vmoSiemens Voice Memo
vocCreative Labs Sound Blaster Sound
vogYamaha SFG-05 Voice Data
voiVoyetra Digital Orchestrator Pro Voice
voxDialogic ADPCM Audio
vpmGarmin Voice Data
vpwVoxPro Wave File
vqfTwinVQ Audio
vqlTwinVQ Audio
vr8Roland VS-840 Recorded Audio
vrfVentrilo Audio Recording
vs3MAZ Sound VSampler 3 Library
vsbMAZ Sound VSampler 2 Library
vtxVortex Audio
vwdCubig Digital Recorder Sound
vy1Samsung Digital Voice Recorder Audio
vy2Samsung Digital Voice Recorder Audio
vy3Samsung Digital Voice Recorder Audio
vy4Samsung Digital Voice Recorder Audio
vyfSamsung Digital Voice Recorder Audio
w01Yamaha SY Series Sample
w02Yamaha SY Series Sample
w03Yamaha SY Series Sample
w04Yamaha SY Series Sample
w05Yamaha SY Series Sample
w06Yamaha SY Series Sample
w07Yamaha SY Series Sample
w08Yamaha SY Series Sample
w09Yamaha SY Series Sample
w10Yamaha SY Series Sample
811 to 840 of 946