Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

xiFastTracker 2 Instrument
xizZynAddSubFX Instrument File
xmFastTracker 2 Music Module
xmaXbox 360 Native Audio
xmfExtensible Music Format File
xmf0Extensible Music Format File
xmf1Extensible Music Format File
xmiExtended MIDI Song
xmsXMS Tracker Module
xmzFastTracker 2 Extended Module
xmzZynAddSubFX Master File
xpFastTracker 2 Pattern
xrnsRenoise Song
xsbXACT Sound Bank
xspfXML Shareable Playlist File
xtFastracker 2 Track
xtFast Tracker 2 Music Track
xvagSony PlayStation 3 Audio File
xwbXACT Wave Bank
ymAtari ST Audio
ytifYellow Tools Independence Image
ytilYellow Tools Independence Instrument Library
z00Casio WK-3000 Rythm Data
zabZipped Audio Book
zafZoom Recorded Audio
zgrZero-X BeatCreator Loop
zvdZyXEL Voice
zvrSAFA Voice Recorder Data
zxsZX Music Player Sound
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