Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

w64Sony Wave64 Audio
w7aYamaha Motif ES Audio Data
w7vYamaha Motif ES Voice Data
w8aYamaha Motif ES Audio Data
w8vYamaha Motif ES Voice Data
waWavArc Compressed Audio
wavWindows Waveform Sound
wavBroadcast Wave Format Audio
waveWindows Waveform Sound
waxWindows Media Audio Redirector
webaWebM Audio
wemWwise Encoded Media
wfbTurtle Beach Wavefront MIDI Bank
wfdTurtle Beach Wavefront Drum Set
wfpTurtle Beach Wavefront Patch
wmaWindows Media Audio
wowGrave Composer Music Module
wtptWireTap Studio Packaged Track
wusWUTG Tagged Audio
wvWavPack Audio
wvcWavecraft Audio
wvePsion 8-bit A-law Audio
wvzMUST Music
x0aYamaha Motif XS Song Data
x0eYamaha Motif XS Editor File
x0pYamaha Motif XS Pattern Data
x0sYamaha Motif XS Song Data
x0vYamaha Motif XS Voice Data
xfseRacer Sound
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