Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

ogaOgg Vorbis Compressed Audio
oggOgg Vorbis Compressed Audio
oggstrGodot Engine OGG Audio Data
ogxOgg Vorbis Compressed Audio
oktOktalyzer Music Module
olvOnLive! Traveler Sound
omaSony ATRAC3 Compressed Audio
omgSony ATRAC3 Compressed Audio
omgSony OpenMG Audio
omlOtsAV Media Library
omxOtsAV Media Library Information
opmFM Operator Type-M Voice Data
opuOpus Audio File
opusOpus Audio File
orcCSound Orchestra Midi Audio
orcTRS-80 Orchestra-90 Audio Data
orcVoyetra Digital Orchestrator Pro Song
osbSega Dreamcast OSB Audio Data
ospOrion Sampler Program
otsOtsAV Album
otsOtsJuke Audio
pAKAI S900 Program
pPulsar Audio Data
p00Roland V-Synth Patch Data
p3kKurzweil PC3K8 Audio Data
p40The Player 4.0 Music Module
p41The Player 4.1 Music Module
p4xThe Player 4.x Music
p50The Player 5.0a Module
p5bNI Pro-53 Bank
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