Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

ac7Casio WK-3000 AC7 Rythm Data
acd-zipSony ACID Project With Embedded Media
acmInterplay ACM Audio
ad2ADPCM 2-bit Compressed Audio
ad33-bit ADPCM Compressed Audio
ad44-bit ADPCM Compressed Audio
adgAbleton Live Device Group
adlWestwood ADL Format Audio
adpcmDialogic ADPCM Audio File
adtRockeTalk Audio Data
adtsAudio Data Transport Stream
adxADX Encoded Audio
adxSega Dreamcast ADX Audio Data
aeroAero Studio Song
afcMass Effect 2 Audio Data
afiAlesis Fusion Multisample Data
afpAlesis Fusion Program
afsADX Audio Container
afsAlesis Fusion Audio Sample
agmDTS Multi-channel Pro Packer Audio
agrAbleton Groove File
ahxAHX Encoded Audio
aifAudio Interchange File
aifcCompressed AIFF Audio
aiffAudio Interchange File
aisVelvet Studio Instrument Data
akaiAkai S-900 Floppy Disk Image
akpAkai MPC2500 Sampler Program
alA-Law Compressed Audio File
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