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Audio File Extensions

atpSony ATRAC3 Compressed Audio
atracSony ATRAC3 Compressed Audio
atrac3Sony ATRAC3 Compressed Audio
atrac9Sony ATRAC9 Compressed Audio
auAudacity Audio Data
Sun Audio File
audCommand and Conquer Compressed Audio
NICE Media Player Audio
audioGeneral Audio Data
avrAudio Visual Research File
awbAdaptive Multi-Rate WideBand Audio
axaAnnodex Audio File
ayAY-3-8910 Music
aymZ80 Music Code with AY Music
aynAyona Compresed Music
azxZX Audio File
bamOHRRPGCE Music Data
bankFMOD Audio Bank
barsNintendo Switch Binary Sound Archive
bbsongBeepola Song
bbzBitblaze MP3 Audio
bcstmNintendo 3DS BCSTM Audio
bcwavNintendo 3DS Banner Wave Audio
bdBen Daglish Music
bfstmMario Kart 8 Binary Cafe Stream Data
bfwavMario Kart 8 Binary Cafe Wave Data
bgwFinal Fantasy XI Music
bkcflacMoo Encrypted FLAC Audio
bkcmp3Moo Encrypted MP3 Audio
bmmBleeper Music Maker Music
bmwBuzz Music without Waves
bmxBuzz Music Data
bnAdlib Instrument Bank
bn4Yamaha DX100 Voice Data
bnkAdlib Instrument Bank
Wwise Sound Bank Data
Yamaha DX100 Voice Data
bonkBonk Audio
bpSoundMon 2.0 Music Data
brrSNES BRR Audio
brsarBRSAR Audio Package
brstmBRSTM Audio Stream
bseBedevilled Sound Engine File
bunCakewalk Bundle Data
bwavBroadcast Wave Format Audio
bwfBroadcast Wave Format Audio
bwgBrainWave Generator Preset
bwwBagpipe Music Score
c01Typhoon OS Voice Data
cafCore Audio Format
caffCore Audio Format
cdaCD Audio Track
cddaCD Audio Track
cdgCD+G Karaoke File
cdzCadenzo Music Data
celAdobe Audition Loop
NI Battery Drum Cell Data
celpCELP Compressed Audio
celtFMOD CELT Compressed Audio
cfaAdobe Premiere Conformed Audio
cffBoomTracker 4.0 Song
cfxrCocoa Sfxr Audio Data
ckbCricket Audio Bank File
ckfCasio WK-3000 Keyboard File
cksCricket Audio Stream
cl3NI Battery Audio Data
cmfCreative Labs Music File
SoundFX Macs Opera Tracker Music
cmoSpanish Whiz Audio Data
copSam Coupe Audio Data
copySony Ericsson Protected Content
cpaAdobe Premiere Pro Conformed Audio
crdSpanish Whiz Card Game Sound
csdCSound Unified Format Audio
cseqNintendo 3DS Audio Sequence Data
cswCompressed Square Wave
cvhDR-97 Digital Recorder HQ Voice
cvsContinuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation Audio
DR-97 Digital Recorder SP Audio
cvsdContinuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation Audio
cvuCVSD Unfiltered Audio
dSPPack Audio Data
d00OPL2 FM Audio
d01OPL2 FM Audio
d50Roland D-50 Patch
dabDigital Audio Broadcasting File
dabpOpendigitalradio DABPlus Encoded Audio
dashsndWusikstation Instrument Data
dawCubase Recording
dbDIGIBooster Music Module
dbkitDoggiebox Drum Kit
dbmDigiBooster Pro Tracker Music Module
dbsongDoggiebox Song Data
dcmDCM Music Module
dewfSoundEdit Recorded Instrument
df2Defractor 2 Instrument
dfcDefractor Instrument
dffDirect Stream Digital Interchange File Format Data
dhDavid Hanney Music
digDigilink Format Audio Data
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