Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

mpaMpeg Audio File
mpcpatternAkai MPC Software Pattern Data
mpeg3MPEG Audio Layer 3 File
mpgaMPEG Audio Layer 3 File
mptmOpenMPT Module
mptmzOpenMPT Compressed Module
mpyRCA Lyra Audio File
mpzSoundSlimmer Compressed MP3 Audio
mp_Mobile Phone Sound
mqfYamaha MidRadio Player Audio
mscAdLib MSCplay Music
msndNI Maschine v1 Sound Data
mspMagix Music Studio MSP Data
mssMiles Sound System DLS 1 and XMI Data
mstrMiles Sound System 10 Stream Bank
msvSony Memory Stick Recorded Voice
mt2MadTracker 2 Music Module
mt9ETRI MT9 Audio
mteMadTracker Envelope
mtiMadTracker Instrument
mtkMPU-401 Trakker Module
mtmMultiTracker Music Module
mtpMadTracker Pattern
mtsMadTracker Sample
mtsMusic Time Pro Music
mtxMadTracker 2 Extension
mu3Myriad Packed Musical Score
muiMyriad Melody Assistant User Instrument Data
mukMultak Mini 8162 Encoded Audio
musFinale Music File
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