Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

snsfSNES Sound Format File
snuDead Space Game Audio Data
sonSBStudio II Song
sopNOTE Music Tracker Song
souSBStudio II Sound File
soxSoX Uncompressed PCM Audio
sppackSPPack Sound Sample
spxSpeex Compressed Audio
sriDragon NaturallySpeaking Audio File
sseqNintendo DS Sound
ssndSynclavier Sound
stmScream Tracker Module
stzScream Tracker 2 Module
svdRoland Saved Patches
svqRoland MC-80 Music Sequence
svxAmiga 8SVX Sound
swSigned Word Audio File
swaShockwave Audio
swavNintendo DS Audio
syhSynchomatic Instrument
sywYamaha SY Series Sample
takTAK Compressed Audio
tfeTFM Music Maker Music
tfmxFinal Musicsystem EXtended Module
thdDolby TrueHD Audio Stream
thxAmiga THX Tracker Music
tirTuneIn Radio Recording Stream
tjsTrackjoy GUS Tracker Song
tlOpenTL Data
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