Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

sfIRCAM SoundFile
sf2EMU SoundFont v2.x Banks
sfaSonic Foundry Audio File
sfap0Sound Forge Audio Proxy
sfarksfArk Compressed SoundFont
sfdSoundStage Sound File Data
sfiSoundStage Sound File Info
sfkSound Forge Peak Data
sflSound Forge Audio Data
sfpackSFPack Compressed SoundFont
sfrSonic Foundry Sample Resource
sgaSelf-Guard Security Camera Audio
sguBand-in-a-Box Song
sgwn-Track Packed Song
shnShorten Compressed Audio
sidCommodore 64 Music
skySKYT Packer Module
skytSKYT Packer Module
smaSmartMusic Accompaniment
smafSMAF Audio
smf0Standard Midifile Type 0
smf1Standard Midifile Type 1
smpSampleVision Audio Sample
sncSonarc Compressed Audio
sndSndTool Audio File
sndMacintosh Sound Resource
sndaAleph One Sound File
sndtSndTool Audio File
sngn-Track Recorded Song
sngKorg Trinity Song
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