Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

lmsffLiquid Audio Player Audio
loasAAC Low Overhead Audio Stream
lpcLPC-10 Encoded Audio
lpc10LPC-10 Encoded Audio
lpcmLinear Pulse Code Modulated Audio
lqtLiquid Audio Player Data
lrcLyrics Data
lrecInter-Tel Web Conferencing Recording
lvpAvaya Voice Player Audio
lwLiteWave Compressed Audio File
lwvLiteWave Compressed Audio File
lwvMicrosoft Agent Linguistically Enhanced Sound File
m15Soundtracker Music
m1aMPEG Audio Layer 1 File
m22Farallon MacRecorder Recorded Audio
m2aMpeg-2 Audio
m2eYamaha Motif ES Multi Part Editor File
m3uM3U Playlist File
m3u8M3U Playlist File
m4aiTunes M4A Audio
m4aMpeg-4 Audio
m4bMpeg-4 Audio Book
m4eYamaha Motif ES Multi Part Editor File
m4pDRM Protected AAC File
m4riPhone Ringtone
m5mMachFive Audio Data
m7aYamaha MO8 Internal User Memory Data
maMusicAssembler Audio
madMlat Adlib Tracker Music
mamxMusic Animation Machine Music
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