Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

hmaSony HI-MD Audio
hmiHMI Audio
hpsGamecube HPS Audio Data
hrtHornet Packer Music Module
hsbHALion Sound Bank
hscHSC-Tracker Song
hsqHerbulot AdLib System Audio
hvlCommodore Amiga HivelyTracker Audio Module
iaaINTUS Terminal Audio Archive
ibkCreative Labs FM Banks
iddMIDI Instrument Definition File
idfMIDI Instrument Definition File
idspNintendo Gamecube Streamed Audio
ikxiKlax Creator Audio
ilbScream Tracker 2 Instrument Library
ilbcInternet Low Bit Rate Codec Audio
ima4IMA 4-bit ADPCM Compressed Audio
imeiMelody Ringtone
imelodyiMelody Ringtone
imfid Software Music Format Data
imsIMPlay Song
imyiMelody Ringtone
insCakewalk Sonar Instrument Definition
insEPSDisk Instrument File
insHSC-Tracker Instrument
instrMagix Music Studio VST Instruments Data
ircamIRCAM SoundFile
ismaIIS Smooth Streaming Audio
istDigitrakker Instrument Data
itImpulse Tracker Music Module
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