Filename Extensions
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Audio File Extensions

gbsNintendo Gameboy Audio Data
gi!Tascam Gigastudio Compressed Instrument
gigGigaStudio Audio Data
gigTascam Gigastudio Instrument
gioAdagio Score Language Data
gjmMultitrackStudio 16bit Mono Compressed Audio
gjsMultitrackStudio 16bit Stereo Compressed Audio
glosNative Instruments Absynth 3 Patch
glueGlueMon Music Module
gmcGame Music Creator Music
gogDrumagog Sample Library
gpbankGuitar Pro Sound Bank
grooveACID Pro Groove Data
gsfGame Boy Advance GSF Song
gsflibGSF Instrument Samples Data
gsmGSM Audio File
gsrtGrandstream Ring-tone
gt2Graoumf Tracker 2 Module
gtkGraoumf Tracker Module
gtk1Graoumf Tracker Module
gtk2Graoumf Tracker 2 Module
guitRust Guitar Tool Song
gxgBOSS GT-10 Patch
gymSega MegaDrive Music
h0Magix Movie Edit Pro Audio Data
ha2Herbulot AdLib System v2 Audio
hcomMacintosh HCOM Audio
hdSony Playstation 2 SCEI Instrument Set Data
hipcHippel-COSO Music
hm0MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab Waveform Data
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