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Audio File Extensions

2chSuper Audio CD Track
2sfNintendo DS Sound
2sflibNintendo DS Audio Library
32Yamaha DX7 RAW 32-voice Data
3ga3GP Audio File
3gpa3GP Audio File
404Muon DS404 Audio Bank
50sAkai MPC5000 Program
669Composer 669 Music Module
6cmFastTracker 2 Six Channel Module
Six Channel Module
8cmFastTracker 2 Eight Channel Module
8medOctaMED Music Module
8svxAmiga 8SVX Sound
a2bAdlib Tracker II Instrument Bank
a2fAdlib Tracker II Instrument with FM-Register Macros
a2iAdlib Tracker II Instrument File
a2mAdlib Tracker II Song
a2pAdlib Tracker II Pattern File
a2tAdlib Tracker II Tiny Module
a2wAdlib Tracker II Instrument Bank with Macros
a3kYamaha A3000 Sampler Data
a3sYamaha A3000 Sample
aaAudible Audiobook
aa3Sony ATRAC3 Compressed Audio
aacAdvanced Audio Coding Stream
aaxAudible Enhanced Audiobook
aaxcAudible Enhanced Encrypted Audiobook
ac1dAC1D-DC1A Packer Module
ac3AC-3 Compressed Audio
ac7Casio WK-3000 AC7 Rythm Data
acd-zipSony ACID Project With Embedded Media
acmInterplay ACM Audio
acpaacPlus Audio Data
ad2ADPCM 2-bit Compressed Audio
ad33-bit ADPCM Compressed Audio
ad44-bit ADPCM Compressed Audio
adgAbleton Live Device Group
Westwood ADL Format Audio
adpcmDialogic ADPCM Audio File
adtAudio Data Transport Stream
RockeTalk Audio Data
adtsAudio Data Transport Stream
adxADX Encoded Audio
Sega Dreamcast ADX Audio Data
aeaATRAC1 Audio Data
aeroAero Studio Song
afcMass Effect 2 Audio Data
afiAlesis Fusion Multisample Data
afpAlesis Fusion Program
afsADX Audio Container
Alesis Fusion Audio Sample
Sega Dreamcast AFS Audio Data
agmDTS Multi-channel Pro Packer Audio
agrAbleton Groove File
ahxAHX Encoded Audio
AHX Tracker Music Module
aifAudio Interchange File
aifcCompressed AIFF Audio
aiffAudio Interchange File
aisVelvet Studio Instrument Data
akaiAkai S-900 Floppy Disk Image
akpAkai MPC2500 Sampler Program
alA-Law Compressed Audio File
al7Casio WK-6500 All Data
alacALAC Encoded Audio
alawA-Law Compressed Audio File
alcAbleton Live Clip
alpAbleton Live Pack
alsAbleton Live Set
alwA-Law Compressed Audio File
ambAmbisonic B-Format Audio
amdAMUSIC Adlib Tracker Music
amfAdvanced Module Format Music
amrAdaptive Multi-Rate Audio
amr-wbAdaptive Multi-Rate WideBand Audio
amsAbleton Meta Sound
Velvet Studio Music Module
amxdAbleton Max for Live Device
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