Filename Extensions
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Archive File Extensions

cpsCentral Point PC Tools Backup
cpzCentral Point Shrink Archive
cruCrush Compressed Archive
crxChrome Extension
cryptomiteCryptoMite Encrypted Archive
csaWeb Research Document Archive
ctwCTW Compressed File
ctzCustody Toolbox Compressed Backup
cwuAcross crossWAN Package
cxarchiveCrossOver Bottle Archive
czarCherwell Archive Repository
czipZIPGenius CryptoZip Archive
czxCZIP X Encrypted ZIP Archive
d01Jydivide Split
d02Jydivide Split
d03Jydivide Split
d5pDragon UnPACKer Language Pack
dalpIntel Dynamic Application Loader Package
darDAR Disk Archive
darcDarc Archive
darkOpenDark Archiver Compressed File
dataAcronis True Image Backup
dcaDCA Archive
dcfSafetica Free Encrypted Archive
ddapDiskDoubler Compressed Data
ddzAdaptec Compressed Driver Disk Image
debDebian Package
decryptDecrypted Microsoft ESD File
deskthemepackMicrosoft Windows 8 Desktop Theme Pack
devpakDev-C++ Developer Package
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