Filename Extensions
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Archive File Extensions

ci3Crimson 3 Image
cigFastback Plus Compressed Backup
cjlDigitalHIWAY Concatenated JPEG Library
cl2arcComic Life 2 Document Archive
cmpMicrosoft SharePoint Content Migration Package
cnrCNR Installation Package
codBlackBerry COD Archive
colpkgAnki Fashcard Collection Package
costylepackCapture One Style Package
cp9ChoicePoint Encrypted
cpackCpack Archive
cpctCompact Pro Archive
cpgscPGS Addon Package
cpgzGzip Compressed CPIO Archive
cpioCPIO Archive
cruCrush Compressed Archive
crxChrome Extension
cryptomiteCryptoMite Encrypted Archive
ctwCTW Compressed File
ctzCustody Toolbox Compressed Backup
cxarchiveCrossOver Bottle Archive
czarCherwell Archive Repository
czipZIPGenius CryptoZip Archive
czxCZIP X Encrypted ZIP Archive
d01Jydivide Split
d02Jydivide Split
d03Jydivide Split
dalpIntel Dynamic Application Loader Package
darDAR Disk Archive
darcDarc Archive
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