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Archive File Extensions

hafHEAT Archive
hapHamarsoft HAP Compressed Archive
haptarHaptek Compressed Archive
hbcSQL HyperBac Compressed Archive
hbc2SQL HyperBac Compressed Archive
hbeSQL HyperBac Encrypted Archive
hbiHandy Backup Index File
hcbHyperOS Compressed Backup
hckxWindows HCK Studio Submission Package
hifAutodesk AutoCAD Heidi Information File
hkiWinHKI Archive
hki1WinHKI HKI1 Archive
hki2WinHKI HKI2 Archive
hki3WinHKI HKI3 Archive
hlkxWindows HLK Studio Package
hpaHyper Patch Archive
hpgHide Photos Encrypted Photo Container
hpkHPack Compressed Archive
hpkgHaiku OS Package
hqzInternet Explorer for Mac HQZ Archive
htrHaptek Compressed Archive
htzWeb ScrapBook Zipped Archive
hv3HoneyView 3 Archive
hypHyper Compressed Archive
hzqCrossWorks for ARM Package
iarOpenSimulator Inventory Archive
ibfInstant Backup Archive
icapAdobe InCopy CS4 Package
iceICEOWS Archive
icsInCenter Server Settings Backup
icspkgIntellitools Classroom Suite Package
idapAdobe InDesign CS4 Package
idpkAdobe InDesign Package for GoLive
idrzPTC Creo View Compressed IDR Data
iebarzipExplorerBar Icon Package
ifgSamsung IFG Theme Package
igligLoader Plugin
ikmIdeal Kitchen Monitor Backup Data
imazingiMazing iPhone Backup Archive
imazingappiMazing App Backup Archive
imsccCanvas Course Export Package
incpAdobe InCopy CS3 Package
indpAdobe InDesign CS3 Package
inrSAP BR Tools Incremental Backup Archive
inspxezIntel Inspector Exported Archive
ioCPIO Archive
ipdBlackBerry Phone Backup
ipgiPod Game Package
ipkItsy Package
Secured WebGine Internet Package
webOS Package
Zaurus Install Package
ipkgItsy Package
ipswiPhone / iPod Software Update
iqbAmeriCalc Backup
iqmolIQmol Archive
iqzipInquisit Script Package
irziROS Application Package
isdocxISDOC Archive
ispacMicrosoft SQL Server Deployment Packet
ispmIntel Simics Package Manager Data
itaIconTweaker Theme Archive
itmspiTunes Store Package
iwaiWork Archive File
iwzipIncomedia Website X5 Project Archive
ixnMentor Graphics Service Pack Archive
izcMRI Commercial Zipped Cabinet Data
izeIZArc Encrypted Archive
j01Akeeba Multi-part Backup Archive
Akeeba Secured Backup Archive
j02Akeeba Multi-part Backup Archive
Akeeba Secured Backup Archive
j03Akeeba Multi-part Backup Archive
Akeeba Secured Backup Archive
j04Akeeba Multi-part Backup Archive
Akeeba Secured Backup Archive
j05Akeeba Multi-part Backup Archive
Akeeba Secured Backup Archive
jarJava Archive
jbackupThe Journal Backup Archive
jdbSymantec Endpoint Protection Update
jgzJNode Module Package
jispTkabber Emoticon Set
jmaNSRT Compressed Game ROM
jpaAkeeba Multi-part Backup Archive
JoomlaPack Backup Archive
jpsAkeeba Secured Backup Archive
jp_Compressed Microsoft JPEG Image
jrcJRchive Data
jsonlz4Mozilla Firefox Compressed Bookmarks Backup
jvaJunos Firefly VM Package
jzipJZip Archive
karKeep-It Archive
kb2Kleo Backup Archive
kdeKaspersky KryptoStorage Container
kdzLG Smartphone Firmware Update
kebKaspersky Anti-virus Virus Bases Data
kextractionKeka Extraction Package
kgbKGB Compressed Archive
kgeKGB Archiver Encrypted
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