Filename Extensions
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Archive File Extensions

bksWindows NT Backup Selection
bldlBenchLink Data Logger 3 Package
bliBlink Archive
blzBriefLZ Compressed Data
bmaBMA Archiver Compressed Archive
bm_Compressed Microsoft BMP Image
bnhBinHex Encoded Archive
bnhqBinHex Encoded Archive
bnyBinary II Data
boaBOA Constrictor Compressed Archive
boxerBoxer for Mac Game Archive
bozBZIP Over ZIP Compressed Archive
bqyBinary II Data
bqyShrinkit NuFX Archive with BLU Header
br1Total Commander Cached Button Bar Icons
br2Total Commander Cached Button Bar Icons
brainzipPersonal Brain v6 BrainZip Archive
brainzipPersonalBrain Mind Map Archive
bscBINSCII Archive
bsqBINSCII Archive
btcBecker Tools Compressed Archive
btinstalluTorrent Install Package
buSAP Business One BackUp Data
bulkBulkZip Compressed Archive
bulk-001BulkZip Splitted Archive
bulk-002BulkZip Splitted Archive
bulk-003BulkZip Splitted Archive
bulk-004BulkZip Splitted Archive
bulk-005BulkZip Splitted Archive
bundleGit Bundle Archive
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