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Archive File Extensions

durDURILCA Compressed Archive
dwfbDragon UnPACKer Archive
dxpackDesktopX Object Package
dxpackproDesktopX Pro Object Package
dxzDosBox EX Ultimate Package
dzDzip Archive
dzpDocument-Type Interchange Package
eabProSystem fx Engagement Binder Archive
eappxMicrosoft Windows Encrypted App Package
ebkKryptel Backup File
Outlook Express Backup Genie Backup
ebuUlead EasyBackup Archive
ecarEkStep Content Archive
ecbkLG PC Suite Backup Archive
ecsSony Ericsson P900 Phone Backup
ecsbxError-Correcting SeqBox Container
edcKryptel Encrypted Container
edzEON Studio Distribution Archive
EPLAN Data Zip
efsKryptel Filesets File
eggALZip Archive
ejbEnterprise JavaBeans Archive
eliELI 5750 Compressed Archive
empackageSegger Embedded Studio Package
emzEON Studio Mobile Distribution Archive
enc4Samsung Kies Smartphone Encrypted Firmware
enpackEnCase Package
enzCobian Backup Encrypted Data
eozEON Studio Project Archive
ep2EclipsePackager Archive
epiEclipsePackager Archive
esaEnveloc Secure Archive
esdWindows 8 Upgrade Assistant Electronic Software Download
esjAutodesk Fabrication Archived Job
espExtension-Sort Packer Compressed Archive
essEGT SmartSense Archive
evaViz Artist v2 Archive
ewsEwisoft Website Builder Package
expCisco RV042 Configuration Backup
ez2EZPix Secure Photo Album Package
ez3EZPix Secure Photo Album Package
ezsetupEasyBits Setup Package
fFreeze Compressed Data
fbSlim! Compressed Archive
fbfFree Backup Fix Backup Archive
fbuFEBE Firefox Backup
fbwHP Backup Segment
fcarchFinal Cut Pro Archive
fcxFCX Archive
fcxeFileCapsule Deluxe Encoded Archive
feaFilZip Encrypted Archive
fezFUND E-Z Backup Archive
fgzFormula Graphics Presentation Archive
fimIcon Heaven Icons Package
flatpakLinux Flatpak Application Bundle
flprjzipMadCap Flare Compressed Project Archive
fotaAndroid Firmware Upgrade Package
fp8Fast PAQ8 Compressed File
fpkgMac OS X Installer Package
fppFaro SCENE App Package
fqpFlip-Q Package
frgFrogTeacher Folder Package
frpFaxRush Package
ftrIRIX File-type Rules Data
fwaFlex.Win Backup File
fwarcFacetWin Disk Archive
fwbFileWrangler Backup
fwpMicrosoft Frontpage Web Package
Microsoft SharePoint Designer Web Package
gb7MASGAU Backup Archive
gbmGenie Backup Manager Archive
gcaDGCA Archive
gcfSteam Game Cache File
WinXComp Grouped Compressed Data
gemRubyGems Gem Package
gemfileRubyGems Gem Package
gflFile Lock Pro Encrypted Archive
ggpkgPano2VR Garden Gnome Package
ghpGitHub Software Package
gipGhost Installer Package
gmpGlobal Mapper Package
gnutarGNU Tar Archive
gpkHP OmniGo GEOS Compressed Archive
gqQLFC Compressed Archive
grbGRBackPro Backup Data
grpxDell EqualLogic SAN HQ Group Archive
grzEsko Automation Engine Zipped Data
GRZip Compressed Archive
gsbaGameSave Manager Backup Archive
gszipGameSalad Marketplace Asset
gtarTape Archive
gtpGnome Theme Package
guxSteelOffice Software Update
gxxGeneXpert Archive
gzGzip Compressed File
gzaIZArc BGA Archive
gziGzip Compressed File
gzipGzip Compressed File
h5pHTML5 Content Package
haHA Compressed Archive
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