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Archive File Extensions

afs3Advanced File Security 3 Encrypted Data
airAdobe AIR Installation Package
ajaAJC Active Backup Archive
aktAKT Compressed Archive
alzALZip Archive
antSPPAS Annotated Archive
antsTansee Message Transfer Backup
apkAndroid Application Package
apkmAndroid App Bundle Mirror Archive
apksAndroid APK Set Archive
aplibaPLib Compressed Data
appvApp-V Virtual Application Package
ap_ADT Android Developer Package
arcLH ARC Compressed Archive
arcFreeArc Archive File
arduboyArduboy Game Package
arjARJ Compressed Archive
arkPowerDesk Pro Archive
asarASAR Archive
asdbAsphyre Sphinx v2 Archive File
asecAndroid Secure External Cache
ashbakAshampoo Backup Archive
aspkMy APK App Backup Package
asvfAsphyre Sphinx v1 Archive File
ateMicrosoft Accounting Accountants Transfer
atiMicrosoft Accounting Import
atlasExient XGS Atlas Archive
avastsoundsAvast Antivirus Sound Package
avgsoundsAVG Internet Security Sound Package
awbCRIWARE AWB Package
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