Filename Extensions
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Archive File Extensions

apkAndroid Application Package
appvApp-V Virtual Application Package
arcLH ARC Compressed Archive
arcFreeArc Archive File
arjARJ Compressed Archive
arkPowerDesk Pro Archive
asarASAR Archive
asdbAsphyre Sphinx v2 Archive File
asecAndroid Secure External Cache
asvfAsphyre Sphinx v1 Archive File
ateMicrosoft Accounting Accountants Transfer
atiMicrosoft Accounting Import
avastsoundsAvast Antivirus Sound Package
awiAIM Widget Package
azaProSystem fx Engagement Admin Package
azpProSystem fx Engagement Binder Package
b1B1 Compressed Archive
b6zB6Zip Archive
baScifer External Header Archive
bbbBlackBerry Mobile Phone Backup
bcaJetico BCArchive Encrypted Archive
bcpioBinary CPIO Archive
beeBeeGui Bee Archiver Archive
bfaBlowfish Advanced CS Encrypted File
bffAIX Backup File Format
bhBlakHole Archive
bkcBackup4all Backup Catalog
bkfWindows NT Backup Archive
bkoBackupOutlook Backup Archive
bksWindows NT Backup Selection
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