Filename Extensions
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Archive File Extensions

z03WinZip First Split Zip
z04InfoZIP ZipSplit Splitted ZIP Archive
z04WinZip Fourth Split Zip
z04WinZip First Split Zip
z05WinZip First Split Zip
z05InfoZIP ZipSplit Splitted ZIP Archive
z96Microsoft Bookshelf 96 Update Package
zacZaurus Archive
zatMSN Gaming Zone Data File
zbkZarafa Backup Archive
zetZET Compressed Archive
zfcBack4Win Backup Archive
zfsendtotargetWindows Zipped Folder
zfxZFX Archive
zgzZimbra Compressed Package
ziRenamed Zip
zipZIP Archive
zipeMinecraft ZIPE Archive
zipxWinZIP ZIPX Archive
zlZlib Compressed Data
zlibZlib Compressed Data
zomAmiga Zoom Compressed Archive
zooZoo Compressed Archive
zpaqZPAQ Compressed Archive
zpgZQuest Editor Graphics Pack
zpkgZyxel NSA-32x Application Package
zppZPanel Package
zpsZebra Portable Safe File
zptcMultitrackStudio Zipped Patch Data
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