Filename Extensions
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Archive File Extensions

senScifer Internal Header Archive
sfdsSingle File Data Storage
sfuOmnifi DMP1 System Firmware Update
sfzSFzip SoundFont Compressed Archive Archive
shaUnix Shell Archive
sharUnix Shell Archive
shkShrinkIt Archive
shrUnix Shell Archive
sidfNBackup SIDF Backup Archive
sisPsion Series 3 Software Package
sisSymbian Install Package
sisxSymbian Series 3 Install Package
sitStuffIt Expander Archive
sit5StuffIt 5 Archive
sitdStuffIt Expander Archive
sitxStuffIt Expander Archive
skySKY Compressed Archive
skzSuperKaramba Compressed Theme
sleSisulizer Package
slpStampede Linux Package
smeSamsung Kies Messages Backup
smeaSamsung Kies Calendar Backup
smeaSamsung Kies Messages Backup
smemSamsung Smart Switch Message Data
smileboxSmilebox Starter Archive
smsbackupASUS Messaging SMS Backup
snapSnappy Package
snappySnappy Compressed Data
snzSnappy SNZ Compressed File
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