Filename Extensions
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Archive File Extensions

wrcFreeArc Archive File
wxzwxWidgets Zipped Package
wzaEncryption Wizard Archive
wzdEncryption Wizard Encrypted Individual File
wzpAMP1-16 Update Archive
xamXamarin Package
xapkCompressed Android Package
xdcDarkCryptTC XDC Encrypted Container
xefWinAce Encrypted Archive
xpakXLN Audio Package
xpiMozilla XPInstall Package
xrecxRecovery Data
xsaXelaSoft Archive
xzXZ Compressed File
xzmPorteus Module
yarYAK Compressed Archive
ybsYBS Compressed Archive
ycYAC Compressed
yepYamaha Expansion Pack
yzYAC Compressed
yz1DeepFreezer Archive
zCompressed File
z00InfoZIP ZipSplit Splitted ZIP Archive
z01WinZip First Split Zip
z01InfoZIP ZipSplit Splitted ZIP Archive
z02WinZip First Split Zip
z02WinZip Second Split Zip
z02InfoZIP ZipSplit Splitted ZIP Archive
z03InfoZIP ZipSplit Splitted ZIP Archive
z03WinZip Third Split Zip
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