Filename Extensions
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Archive File Extensions

sp5ShadowProtect Spanned Backup
sparcSkype Plugin Archive
spbSamsung Kies Contacts Backup
spbaSamsung Kies Contacts Backup
spfShadowProtect Full Backup
spiShadowProtect Incremental Backup
spkSAS Model Package
spkzScribe Template Package
split3DBrowser Splitted File
sqxSQX Compressed Archive
srepSuperREP Compressed
srrReScene Data
ssbSimply Safe Backup Archive
stixStuffIt Expander Archive
sueSUE ARC Archive
sv4cpioSystem V Release 4 CPIO Archive
sv4crcSystem V Release 4 CPIO Checksum Data
swuSWUpdate Archive
swupAC70 Software Update Package
szpSecureZIP Archive
t4Top 4 Compressed Data
t7zLittleutils To-7Zip Recompressed Archive
tarTape Archive
tardistIRIX TAR Distribution Archive
targzUnix Gzipped TAR Archive
tazUnix Gzipped TAR Archive
tbkThe Bat! Backup Archive
tbzBzip Compressed Tape Archive
tbz2Bzip2 Compressed Tape Archive
tceTiny Core Linux Extension
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