Filename Extensions
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Archive File Extensions

tibkpTitanium Backup Data
tibxAcronis Backup v12 Archive
tlzTar LZMA Compressed
tlzmaLZMA Compressed Tar Archive
to4Top 4 Compressed Data
toppkgTopSolid Package
tpkgtpkg-builder data
tpxzPixz Compressed Tarball
tsepTekla Structures Extension Package
txzXZ Compressed Tar Archive
tzCompressed Tape Archive
tzbTAR.Z.btoa Compressed Archive
tzipTzip Compressed Text
tzpTrueZIP Ecnrypted JAR Archive
tzrANSYS IcePak Project Package
uarUniface Deployment Archive
uasPhotoImpact Backup Archive
uc2UltraCompressor 2 Compressed Archive
ueaProtector Suite QL Encrypted Archive
uexpUE Viewer Package
ufaUFA Compressed Archive
uhaUHarc Archive
uharcUHarc Archive
upxUPX Compressed File
ustarTape Archive
uwsUniTrader 2006 Website Archive
uwtUniTrader Website Template Archive
uzeUltimateZip Compressed Archive
uzipFreeBSD Compressed Disk Image
vadVirtuoso Application Distribution Package
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