Filename Extensions
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Archive File Extensions

sisSymbian Install Package
sisxSymbian Series 3 Install Package
sitStuffIt Expander Archive
sitdStuffIt Expander Archive
sitxStuffIt Expander Archive
skySKY Compressed Archive
skzSuperKaramba Compressed Theme
smeSamsung Kies Messages Backup
smeaSamsung Kies Messages Backup
smemSamsung Smart Switch Message Data
smileboxSmilebox Starter Archive
smsbackupASUS Messaging SMS Backup
snapSnappy Package
snappySnappy Compressed Data
snzSnappy SNZ Compressed File
sofReSOF Compressed Archive
sp1ShadowProtect Spanned Backup
sp2ShadowProtect Spanned Backup
sp3ShadowProtect Spanned Backup
sp4ShadowProtect Spanned Backup
sp5ShadowProtect Spanned Backup
sparcSkype Plugin Archive
spbSamsung Kies Contacts Backup
spbaSamsung Kies Contacts Backup
spfShadowProtect Full Backup
spiShadowProtect Incremental Backup
spkSAS Model Package
spkzScribe Template Package
split3DBrowser Splitted File
sqxSQX Compressed Archive
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