Filename Extensions
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Archive File Extensions

pkvSteam Package Data
platPlatinum Web Package
pmaPegasus Mail Archive
pmfPartitionGuru Backup Image
pmomMindomo Desktop Packed Map
pmz4Power Music Backup Archive
pnhAdobe Project ROME Plug-in Archive
ppkgWindows ICD Provisioning Package
prpkgAdobe Presenter Package
prpkgPreactor Package
psaPlesk Panel Backup Data
psarcSony PlayStation 3 Game Archive
psbNavicat Backup File
pscNavicat Compressed Backup File
pupPuppy Linux DotPup Package
pupgEfficia DFM100 Software Upgrade Package
putMicrofox PUT Compressed Archive
puzMicrosoft Publisher Packed Document
pvPV Elite Archive
pwvSSE Password Vault Archive
pwzipPolyworks Compressed Archive
pzipWinZip Mac Archive
pzvPTC Creo View MCAD Package
qarAltera Quartus II Project Archive
qdzAltera Quartus II Device Package
qfcQFC Archive
qicWindows 95/98/ME Backup
qlzQPress QuickLZ Compressed Archive
qpQPress QuickLZ Compressed Archive
qp03QPress QuickLZ Compressed Archive
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