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Archive File Extensions

arduboyArduboy Game Package
arjARJ Compressed Archive
arkPowerDesk Pro Archive
arnCD Autorun Creator Package
arprojpkgSpark AR Studio Project Package
arvEschalon Setup Archive
asarASAR Archive
asdbAsphyre Sphinx v2 Archive File
asecAndroid Secure External Cache
ashbakAshampoo Backup Archive
askAstrotite 200X Skin Data
aspkMy APK App Backup Package
asrAsura Engine Audio Streaming Archive
asvfAsphyre Sphinx v1 Archive File
ateMicrosoft Accounting Accountants Transfer
atiMicrosoft Accounting Import
atlasExient XGS Atlas Archive
avastsoundsAvast Antivirus Sound Package
avastthemeAvast Antivirus Theme Data
avgsoundsAVG Internet Security Sound Package
awbCRIWARE AWB Package
awiAIM Widget Package
azaProSystem fx Engagement Admin Package
azpProSystem fx Engagement Binder Package
b1B1 Compressed Archive
b6zB6Zip Archive
baScifer External Header Archive
backupAndroid Backup Data
baklz4Mozilla Firefox Compressed Backup
balzBALZ Compressed Archive
barBlackBerry 10 Application Package
bbbBlackBerry Mobile Phone Backup
bbthemephpBB Theme Package
bcBig Crunch Compressed Data
bcaJetico BCArchive Encrypted Archive
bcpioBinary CPIO Archive
bcsarNintendo 3DS BCSAR Audio Archive
beeBeeGui Bee Archiver Archive
belHPXView Binary Event Log Archive
bfaBlowfish Advanced CS Encrypted File
bffAIX Backup File Format
bhBlakHole Archive
bhxBinHex Encoded Archive
bioBioArc Compressed Archive
bkcBackup4all Backup Catalog
bkfWindows NT Backup Archive
bkoBackupOutlook Backup Archive
bkpZapback Backup Archive
bkpiSynology Hyper Backup Image
bksWindows NT Backup Selection
bkzTeKton3D Project Archive Backup
bldlBenchLink Data Logger 3 Package
bliBlink Archive
blzBriefLZ Compressed Data
bmaBMA Archiver Compressed Archive
bm_Compressed Microsoft BMP Image
bnhBinHex Encoded Archive
bnhqBinHex Encoded Archive
bnyBinary II Data
boaBOA Constrictor Compressed Archive
boxerBoxer for Mac Game Archive
bozBZIP Over ZIP Compressed Archive
bqyBinary II Data
Shrinkit NuFX Archive with BLU Header
brBrotli Compressed File
br1Total Commander Cached Button Bar Icons
br2Total Commander Cached Button Bar Icons
brainzipPersonal Brain v6 BrainZip Archive
PersonalBrain Mind Map Archive
bscBINSCII Archive
bsqBINSCII Archive
btcBecker Tools Compressed Archive
btinstalluTorrent Install Package
buSAP Business One BackUp Data
bulkBulkZip Compressed Archive
bulk-001BulkZip Splitted Archive
bulk-002BulkZip Splitted Archive
bulk-003BulkZip Splitted Archive
bulk-004BulkZip Splitted Archive
bulk-005BulkZip Splitted Archive
bundleGit Bundle Archive
bxpckBoxedApp Package
bxyShrinkit NuFX Archive with Binary II Header
bzBZip Compressed Data
bz2BZip2 Compressed Data
bzaIZArc BGA Archive
bzipBZip Compressed Data
bzip2BZip2 Compressed Data
bzpProSystem fx Engagement Binder Backup Package
bzp2BZip2 Compressed Data
c00WinAce Archive
c000Genie Backup Manager Compressed Split Backup Archive
c01WinAce Archive
c02WinAce Archive
c03WinAce Archive
c04WinAce Archive
c05WinAce Archive
c06WinAce Archive
c07WinAce Archive
c08WinAce Archive
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