Filename Extensions
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Application File Extensions

sa9Hue and Cry Photoshop Plug-in
sapkSICK AppPool Application
scarSCAR Script
scfWindows Explorer Shell Command
scrMicrosoft Windows Screensaver
scrWinTask Script
scriptGeneric Script
seedDebian Linux Preseed Data
selfCoreboot Simple Executable Loader Format Data
serJava Serialized Object
sjoJava Serialized Object
skprxSony PS Vita Kernelspace Plugin
slHP-UX Shared Library
so-abiCocoa AbiWord Plug-in
somHP-UX System Object Model File
somSystem Object Model Executable
sprgSynclavier Program
spssSPSS Script
suprxSony PS Vita Userspace Plugin
swcAdobe Flex Component
swfShockwave Flash
swzAdobe Flex Signed RSL
sxFreescale S-record File
tosAtari ST TOS Executable
tpiEDIUS Plugin
trcOracle Trace
ttpAtari ST TOS Executable With Parameters
u3iU3 Package Information
u3pU3 Package
v2pTI Voyage 200 Program
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