Filename Extensions
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Application File Extensions

q8rAdobe Photoshop Flood Plug-in
q9rGlitterato Photoshop Plug-In
qcmNiobrara QUCM Application
qpxQuickTime Player Extension
qtsQuickTime System File
qvfQlikView Sense App
robWinTask Compiled Executable
rpgLego Mindstorms NXT 5-Steps Program
rscSymbianOS Compiled Resource
runTAS Compiled Executable
rwnTAS Compiled Executable
rxeLego Mindstorms NXT Brick Executable
rybRaynerboss Executable
s1Freescale S-record File
s2Freescale S-record File
s2aSEAL 2 Application
s3Freescale S-record File
scarSCAR Script
scfWindows Explorer Shell Command
scrMicrosoft Windows Screensaver
scriptGeneric Script
seedDebian Linux Preseed Data
serJava Serialized Object
sjoJava Serialized Object
skprxSony PS Vita Kernelspace Plugin
slHP-UX Shared Library
so-abiCocoa AbiWord Plug-in
somSystem Object Model Executable
sprgSynclavier Program
spssSPSS Script
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