Filename Extensions
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Application File Extensions

mscMicrosoft Management Console Snap-in
mshtaMicrosoft HTML Application
msqlW3-MSQL Script
nbpNeoBook Plugin
nexeNative Client Executable
nflNokia Flash Lite Package
nroNintendo Switch Executable
nviNVIDIA Driver
ocxActiveX Custom Control
oreOre Executable
pandoraPandora Executable
pbaPanelBuilder Application
pbsPortable Batch System File
pefPreferred Executable Format
pexProBoard Executable
pexePNaCl Executable
pifProgram Information File
pluginAdobe Photoshop Plug-in
pmpAdobe Premiere Meta-Plugin
pndPandora Executable
prmAdobe Premiere Plugin
prmpAdobe Premiere Plugin
pvaPanelView Application
pwgPyMOL Web GUI File
pycPython Bytecode
pydPython Dynamic Module
pywzPython for Windows Zipped Executable
pyzPython Zipped Executable
pyzwPython Zipped Executable
q1qLunarCell Photoshop Plug-in
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