Filename Extensions
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Application File Extensions

iecInternet Explorer Converter
ipaiPhone / iPod Application
ircInternet Relay Chat Script
irxSony Playstation 2 Executable
isuInstallShield Uninstall Script
jadJava Application Descriptor
jbJBit Program
jmlJSP Markup Language
jnlpJava Network Launch Protocol Descriptor
jnpJava Network Launch Protocol Descriptor
jseJScript Encoded Script File
kextMac OS X Kernel Extension
lcaAdobe LiveCycle Application
leDOS4G Linear Executable
limLimit Compressed Archive
lrpluginAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Plug-in
lrwebengineAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Web Gallery
lvivtLvivtotoro Encrypted Game Executable
m3gMobile 3D Graphic
mcoLive Messenger Content Object
mircmIRC Script
mpcMusepack Audio
mpnMophun Game
mrcmIRC Script
mscMicrosoft Management Console Snap-in
mshtaMicrosoft HTML Application
msqlW3-MSQL Script
nbpNeoBook Plugin
nexeNative Client Executable
nflNokia Flash Lite Package
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