Filename Extensions
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Application File Extensions

drvWindows Device Driver
dsTWAIN Data Source
earJava Enterprise Archive
ebsE-Prime E-Run 1.x Script
ebs2E-Prime E-Run 2.x Script
efiExtensible Firmware Interface
ehamExtraHAM Executable
eshExtended Shell Batch
etkETcl Kit
exeExecutable File
execUnix Executable File
exopcExoPC Slate Application
eztEZT Malicious Worm
e_eRenamed EXE File
faeMicrosoft Office File Access Engine File
fasCompiled Fast-Load AutoLISP
fcgFastCGI Application
fcgiFastCGI Application
frsFlash Renamer Script
fxeGP32 Free Launcher Executable
g3aCasio Prizm Add-in
gadgetWindows Sidebar Gadget
ghaGrasshopper 3D Addon
gpeGP2X Game Executable
gpuGP2X Utility Executable
htaMicrosoft HTML Application
htbBada Application
hwaHollywood Applet
hwsHollywood Script
icdSafeDisc Encrypted Executable
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