Filename Extensions
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Application File Extensions

bluFileMaker Pro Runtime Extension
btappuTorrent Application
btm4DOS Batch File
bundleMac OS X Application Plug-in
cactionAutomator Converter Action
cgiCommon Gateway Interface
claJava Class Data
clasJava Class Data
classJava Class Data
cleoCLEO Grand Theft Auto Mod
clixCLIX Command
clsJava Class Data
cmdCommand File
cnvMicrosoft Document Converter
codMicrosoft C Compiler Output
coffCommon Object File Format Image
colorpickerColor Picker Plugin
comExecutable File
comWindows Command File
commandTerminal Command
cplControl Panel Item
cywRbot.CYW Worm
dekEavesdropper Batch
derpDevice Environment Replacement Program
dexeMicrosoft Virtual PC for Mac Executable
dldCR10X EdLog Compiled Program
dllWindows Dynamic Linked Llibrary
dpmAvid Pro Tools Plugin
drpDroplets Application
drpxWii U Decrypted Executable
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