Filename Extensions
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Application File Extensions

basBASIC Source
basVisual Basic Module
batMS-DOS Batch File
ba_Renamed BAT
bblmBBEdit Language Module
bluFileMaker Pro Runtime Extension
btappuTorrent Application
btm4DOS Batch File
bundleMac OS X Application Plug-in
cacdBase IV Executable
cactionAutomator Converter Action
cgiCommon Gateway Interface
claJava Class Data
clasJava Class Data
classJava Class Data
cleoCLEO Grand Theft Auto Mod
clixCLIX Command
clsJava Class Data
cmdCP/M Command
cmdWindows Command File
cnvMicrosoft Document Converter
codMicrosoft C Compiler Output
coffCommon Object File Format Image
colorpickerColor Picker Plugin
comExecutable File
comWindows Command File
commandTerminal Command
cplControl Panel Item
cywRbot.CYW Worm
dekEavesdropper Batch
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