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Application File Extensions

0xeF-Secure Renamed EXE File
386Windows 3.x Virtual Device Driver
3dsxNintendo 3DS Homebrew Launcher
73kTI-73 Application
83pTI-83 Calculator Program
85pTI-85 Calculator Program
89pTI-89 Calculator Program
8bi8Adobe Photoshop Plug-in
8blAdobe Photoshop Plug-in
8xkMirageOS Flash Application
8xpTI-83/84 Plus Calculator Program
a4rMacromedia Authorware Packaged File without Runtime
a5rMacromedia Authorware Packaged File without Runtime
a6rMacromedia Authorware Packaged File without Runtime
a7rMacromedia Authorware Packaged File without Runtime
accAtari ST Program Executable
acmMicrosoft Audio Compression Manager Codec
actionAutomator Action
acxAtari ST Executable
aosNokia Phone Add-on Software
appClarion for Windows Application
Cybiko Computer Application
DR-DOS Executable
GEM Application Bundle
Lotus Symphony Add-in Application
SymbianOS Compiled Application
app-seSony Ericsson Xperia X10 Application Data
arxAutodesk AutoCAD Runtime Extension
arySmartStart Array Configuration Script
axDirectShow Filter Plugin
azw2Amazon Kindle Active Content App
basVisual Basic Module
batMS-DOS Batch File
ba_Renamed BAT
bblmBBEdit Language Module
bluFileMaker Pro Runtime Extension
btappuTorrent Application
btm4DOS Batch File
bundleMac OS X Application Plug-in
cacdBase IV Executable
cactionAutomator Converter Action
cgiCommon Gateway Interface
claJava Class Data
clasJava Class Data
classJava Class Data
cleoCLEO Grand Theft Auto Mod
clixCLIX Command
clsJava Class Data
cmdCP/M Command
Windows Command File
cnvMicrosoft Document Converter
codMicrosoft C Compiler Output
coffCommon Object File Format Image
colorpickerColor Picker Plugin
comExecutable File
Windows Command File
commandTerminal Command
cplControl Panel Item
cywRbot.CYW Worm
dekEavesdropper Batch
derpDevice Environment Replacement Program
dexeMicrosoft Virtual PC for Mac Executable
dldCR10X EdLog Compiled Program
dllWindows Dynamic Linked Llibrary
dpmAvid Pro Tools Plugin
drpDroplets Application
drpxWii U Decrypted Executable
drvWindows Device Driver
dsTWAIN Data Source
earJava Enterprise Archive
ebsE-Prime E-Run 1.x Script
ebs2E-Prime E-Run 2.x Script
efiExtensible Firmware Interface
ehamExtraHAM Executable
eshExtended Shell Batch
etkETcl Kit
exeExecutable File
execUnix Executable File
exopcExoPC Slate Application
expPhar Lap Protected Mode Executable
eztEZT Malicious Worm
e_eRenamed EXE File
faeMicrosoft Office File Access Engine File
fasCompiled Fast-Load AutoLISP
fcgFastCGI Application
fcgiFastCGI Application
frsFlash Renamer Script
fxeGP32 Free Launcher Executable
g3aCasio Prizm Add-in
gadgetWindows Sidebar Gadget
ghaGrasshopper 3D Addon
gpeGP2X Game Executable
gpuGP2X Utility Executable
hpfHP9100A Program
htaMicrosoft HTML Application
htbBada Application
hwaHollywood Applet
hwsHollywood Script
icdSafeDisc Encrypted Executable
iecInternet Explorer Converter
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