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XnView File Extensions

On this page, you can find the list of file extensions associated with the XnView application.

There are currently 280 filename extension(s) associated with the XnView application in our database.

XnView is capable of opening the file types listed below. Conversion between the file types listed below is also possible with the help of XnView. You can find more information about it in the application's manual.

Associated file types

.bmp Windows Bitmap Image
.fax G3 FAX Image
.flc Autodesk Animator FLIC File
.fpx FlashPix Image
.gem GEM Metafile
.gif CompuServe Bitmap Image
.pbm Portable Bitmap Image
.pcd Kodak PhotoCD Image
.pcl Printer Command Language Document
.pix Alias Wavefront Picture
.ps PostScript
.ras Sun Raster Image
.raw Raw Image Data
.rle Run-Length Encoded Bitmap
.sct Scitex Continuous Tone
.tga Targa Bitmap Image
.vda Video Display Adapter Raster Image
.jng Jpeg Network Graphics
.pxr Pixar Image
.rlc RLC Graphic
.dcm DICOM Bitmap Image
.jp2 JPEG 2000 Bitmap Image
.ami Amica Paint Image
.jbig JBIG Bitmap Image
.jbig2 JBIG2 Bitmap Image
.ipt InterPaint Multicolor Image
.iph InterPaint Hires Image
.gel Molecular Dynamics Image
.vic VICAR Image
.411 Sony Mavica Picture
.mbm Symbian MultiBitmap
.wic J Wavelet Image Codec Bitmap
.pgf Portfolio Graphics Bitmap
.pgc Portfolio Graphics Compressed Bitmap
.rsb Red Storm Bitmap Image
.jps Stereo JPEG Image
.pr Sun Icon/Cursor
.pm PM Bitmap Image
.wfx WinFax Document
.icb Image Capture Board Raster Image
.lbm Deluxe Paint Bitmap
.sgi SGI Image
.bw SGI Black and White Image
.rgba SGI Image With Alpha Channel
.wlm CompW Bitmap
.cam Casio QV-10 Digital Camera Image
.otb OTA Bitmap
.xwd X Window Dump
.apng Animated PNG
.cit Intergraph Format Bitmap Image
.dpx Digital Picture Exchange File
.ota Nokia OTA Bitmap
.pi1 Atari Degas Low Resolution Image
.spu Spectrum 512 Uncompressed Image
.mng Multiple-image Network Graphics
.hpg HP Graphic Language Document
.pmg Paint Magic Bitmap
.k25 Kodak DC25 RAW Image
.gm Autologic Bitmap Image
.xbm X Bitmap Image
.spc Spectrum 512 Compressed Image
.sps Spectrum 512 Smooshed Image
.jpm JPEG 2000 JPM Image
.exr OpenEXR Image
.jpc JPEG 2000 Code-stream Data
.pi2 Atari Degas Medium Resolution Image
.pi3 Atari Degas High Resolution Image
.pc1 Atari Degas Elite Compressed Low Resolution Image
.pc2 Atari Degas Elite Compressed Medium Resolution Image
.pc3 Atari Degas Elite Compressed High Resolution Image
.syn Synthetic Universe Image
.gro HP-48 Graphic Object
.pnm Portable Anymap Image
.gro2 HP-49 Graphic Object
.img ADEX Corporation Bitmap
.ima AIM Greyscale Image
.sst AVHRR Image
.acorn Acorn Sprite Image
.adt AdTech Perfectfax Document
.php Callisto PhotoParade Slideshow
.anv AirNav Image
.2d Amapi Image
.info Amiga Icon
.cpc Amstrad CPC Captured Screen
.hdru Apollo HDRU Image
.a64 Artist 64 Image
.arn Astronomical Research Network Image
.sim Aurora Image
.bfl BFLI Image
.bmf BMF Bitmap
.bfx Bitware Fax Image
.pi Blazing Paddles Bitmap
.pix BRender Image
.uni Brother Fax
.cdu CDU Paint Image
.cmu CMU Window Manager Bitmap
.cp8 CP8 256 Grayscale Image
.big Cartes Michelin Image
.bay Casio RAW Image
.cmt Chinon ES-1000 Image
.rix ColorRIX VGA Paint Image
.idc Core IDC Image
.sd0 Dali Raw Image
.tdim Digital F/X Image
.dol DolphinEd Image
.jj C64 Doodle Compressed Image
.drz Draz Paint Bitmap
.eri Entis Rasterized Image
.ecc Ecchi Role-playing Image
.tile Eclipse Image
.c4 Edmics Image
.trp Egg Paint Image
.ei Electric Image
.bmc Embroidery Image
.esm Enhance Simplex Image
.pwc PieceWise-Constant Image
.fmf Fax Man Document
.fcx Faxable PCX Bitmap
.ftf Faxable TIFF Image
.ncy FlashCam Frame
.fits Flexible Image Transport System Image
.f96 Frecom F96 Fax
.fp2 C64 Fun Painter 2 Image
.g16 Grayscale 16 Image
.gmf Gamma Fax Image
.geo GeoPaint Image
.sul GFA Raytrace Image
.4bt GoDot Image
.gun C64 GunPaint Image
.hdr HDRi Image
.hta Hemera Thumbnail Archive
.hed Hi-Eddi Image
.kps IBM Kips Bitmap
.imt IMNET Image
.ica Image Object Content Architecture Format
.ish Image Speeder Image
.ism C64 Image System Multicolor Bitmap
.b_w ImageLab Image
.iim Inshape Image
.ct Silicon Graphics Iris Cliptexture
.iris Silicon Graphics Iris Image
.jls Lossless JPEG Image
.vi Jovian Logic VIA Image
.kqp Konica Camera Image
.lss LSS16 Format Image
.lda LaserData Fax Image
.lwi Light Work Image
.cel Lumena Cell Information
.mag MAKIchan Graphics
.mrc MRC Image
.pd Male MRI Image
.fre Male Normal CT Image
.mef Mamiya RAW Image
.mrf Marks Russel Format Image
.bld MegaPaint Image
.frm Megalux Frame
.mil Micro Illustrator Uncompressed Image
.sc2 MSX 2 Screen Bitmap
.ncr NCR Image
.ntf National Imagery Transmission Format
.neo Neochrome Bitmap
.bn NewsRoom Document
.oaz OAZ Fax Image
.bga OS/2 Bitmap Graphic Array
.ofx Olicom Fax Image
.ctf Optigraphics Image
.pxs Pegs Image
.fsy PhotoFantasy Image
.p64 C64 Picasso 64 Image
.pxb Pixibox Image
.bms Playback Bitmap Sequence
.2bp Pocket PC Bitmap Image
.prf Polychrome Recursive Format Image
.ppp Punk Productions Picture
.qdv Random Dot QDV Bitmap
.vpb Quantel VPB Image
.icn RIPTerm Image
.gry Grayscale Image
.ric Ricoh Fax Image
.ia Rollei RAW Image
.sar C64 Saracen Paint Image
.sj1 Sega SJ-1 DIGIO Camera Image
.bmx Siemens Mobile Animation
.inta Silicon Graphics RGB Image
.sir Solitaire Image Recorder Image
.tm2 Sony Playstation 2 TIM2 Image
.ssi SriSun Image
.pac Atari Stad Compressed Bitmap
.avs Stardent AVS X Image
.sff Structured Fax Format Image
.suniff Sun TAAC Image
.92i TI-92 Bitmap
.73i TI-73 Bitmap
.82i TI-82 Bitmap
.85i TI-85 Bitmap
.86i TI-86 Bitmap
.89i TI-89 Bitmap
.mh Teli Fax Image
.tjp TilePic Image
.tny Atari Tiny Image
.urt Utah Raster Toolkit Image
.vif Verity Image Format File
.vid Vidcom 64 Image
.wsq Wavelet-packet Scalar Quantization Bitmap
.rla Run-Length Encoded Image
.ypc Whypic Image
.xim XImage Bitmap
.smp Xionics SMP Image
.yuv Abekas YUV Image
.$s ZX Spectrum Hobetta Image
.rgh ZZ-Rough Image
.dta Zeiss BIVAS Image
.lsm Zeiss LSM Image
.sep TIFF Separator Page
.dd C64 Doodle Image
.aas C64 Art Studio Image
.hil C64 Hires-Lace Image
.hlf C64 Hires-Interlace Image
.rpm C64 RunPaint Multicolor Image
.ocp C64 Advanced Art Studio Image
.doo Atari Doodle Image
.hir C64 Hires Bitmap Image
.gig C64 GigaPaint Image
.pjpg Progressive JPEG Image
.vit VITec Image
.p2 Pic2 Image
.thb KinuPix Skin Image
.iwc Wavelet Bitmap Image
.q0 Q0 Bitmap Image
.tnl Thumbnail Image
.ib7 Pixel Power Collage
.jig Puzzle Image
.hrz Slow Scan Television
.tg4 TG4 Fax Image
.kdk Kodak Proprietary Decimated TIFF
.spiff Still Picture Interchange File Format Bitmap
.bp Binary Picture TIFF Image
.lw Line Work TIFF Image
.hc High Resolution Continuous-tone TIFF Image
.mp Monochrome Picture TIFF Image
.fp TIFF Final Page
.ct TIFF Contone File
.sd TIFF Screened Data
.pi4 Atari Degas TT Raster Image
.ulg UL JPEG Image
.ulb UL TIFF Image
.jxr JPEG XR Image
.uyvy Interleaved YUV 16Bits Raw Image
.pcz Compressed Macintosh PICT Image
.hpe Corrupted JPEG Image
.apu Corrupted RAW Image
.xnp XnView AddOn File
.jtif JPEG Tagged Interchange Bitmap
.sdpx Kodak Cineon Format Image
.abs Optocat Image
.kc2 Kodak DCS200 RAW Image
.dcm30 DICOM 3.0 Bitmap Image
.dicomzip Zipped DICOM Image
.dicombz2 BZip2 Compressed DICOM Image
.dcmjp2kl JPEG2000 Compressed DICOM Image
.xface X-Face Image
.scp ColoRIX Bitmap Graphic
.mvc Sony Digital Mavica Photo
.ace Aces200 Bitmap Image
.bif byLight Image Format Bitmap
.niff Navy Image File Format Bitmap
.pmp Sony DSC-F1 Camera Picture
.cft CFast Graphics Data
.mon C64 Mono Magic Picture
.x X11 Server Import Image
.ttf Optigraphics Tiled Image
.hfp XnView Filter Settings
.xbs XnView Script
.lut XnView LUT Settings Data
.sld XnView Slideshow
.mos Mamiya Digital Camera RAW Image
.bbm Deluxe Paint Brush Image
.pri Prisms Picture
.bit X11 Server Bitmap Image
.bdf X11 Server Bitmap Distribution Format Data

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System requirements

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Supported operating systems

Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, iOS, Android