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Spieldaten Dateierweiterungen

c4gOpenClonk Game System Data
c4iClonk Game Object Data
c4kClonk Game Key
c4lClonk Game Data
c4mClonk Game Material Data
c4pClonk 4 Player Data
c4sClonk Game Scenario
c4uOpenClonk Update System Data
c4vClonk Game Video
c93Cyberia C93 Video
ca2Forza MotorSport Game Data
camNASCAR Racing 2002 Camera Settings Data
Oddworld: Abes Oddysee Background Data
Star Trek Elite Force 2 Camera Data
Titanfall CAM Data
campaignWee Tanks! Campaign Data
canimShank Game Animation Data
carCarnivores: Ice Age Game Resources Data
Gary Gadget Car Data
NASCAR Racing 2002 Car Description
Railroad Tycoon 3 Car Properties Data
cardFunkiball Adventure Saved Game Data
casBattlefield 4 CAS Data
Medieval 2: Total War Model Data
Need for Speed Rivals Game Data
Quest Compiled Adventure Game
catCatz Game Data
Fallout 3 CAT Data
cauTrespasser Game Audio
cbaChessBase Annotations
cbbChessBase Search Booster
cbcChessBase Commentators Index
cbdChessBase Hash File of Doubles Data
Test Drive Unlimited Cache Data
cbeChessBase Team Index
cbfChessBase Old Game Database
Infinity Engine CBF Data
cbgChessBase Game Moves Data
cbgiChessBase Second Search Booster
cbgtBioware Compressed BackGround Tiles Data
cbhChessBase Database Header
cbiChessBase Old Database Index
cbjChessBase Second Header Data
cblChessBase Database
cblayChessBase Window Layout Data
cbmChessBase Multimedia Baggage Data
cbmapContainment Breach Map
cbotCetera Bot Data
cbpChessBase Players Index
cbsChessBase Source Index
cbtChessBase Tournament Index
cbttChessBase Tutorials Database
cbvChessBase Archived Database
cbzChessBase Encrypted Archived Database
cchUnlimited Adventures Character Reference
cctRailroad Tycoon 3 Car Type Description
ccxSpring HAPI Compressed Data File
Total Annihilation Mod Data
cd0Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy Game Data
cd1Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy Game Data
cdataCommand and Conquer 3 Audio Data
cddsMidtown Madness 3 Data
cdpTrainz Content Dispatcher Pack
cdp2Trainz Classics Content Dispatcher Pack 2
cdpthBioware Aurora CDPTH Data
cegThe Punisher Data
celConstructor Animation Data
cellsThe Game of Life Cells Data
cemChildren of the Nile Model Data
Empire Earth Game Data
cfbInfinity Engine Binary Dump
cfgeJewel Quest Configuration
cfrCrossFire Replay
cfreplayCrossFire Replay
cfxCrysis Shader Data
cfxbCrysis Shader Cache Data
cfzRobot Arena II Compressed Data
cgfFar Cry Game 3D Model
cggRenegade Paintball Game Audio
cgmHeroes of Might and Magic III Saved Game
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