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Spieldaten Dateierweiterungen

asiMen of War: Assault Squad 2 ASI Data
aslQuest Adventure Game
assSplinter Cell: Blacklist ASS Data
assetUnity Asset
assetgroupF1 2015 Game Assetgroup Data
assetsStuntMANIA Assets Data
asstrmSplinter Cell: Blacklist Data
astNeed for Speed: Underground Audio Data
asvTrain Simulator Computed Activity Data
at3Airport Tycoon 3 Saved Game
atcSimCity 4 Animation Texture Collection
atlasDarkest Dungeon Graphics Data
Stronghold 3 Editor Atlas Data
autDescent Manager Data
avpSimCity 4 Animation Viewpoints Data
awfAbomination Game Data
awpAkimbot Waypoint Data
awreplayArena Wars Replay
azSki Stunt Simulator Animation
azpClose Combat Effects Data
bGTA III Saved Game
b!kMicrosoft Flight Simulator Scenery Data
b2kSensible Soccer 2006 Data
b3dOpenBVE 3D Object Data
ba0B.O.U.T. Evolution Texture Data
ba2B.O.U.T. Evolution Low-res Texture Data
Bethesda Softworks Archive
Fallout 4 Game Archive
baaTwilight Princess Audio Archive
babyBabyz Game Data
backupinfoAromaBackup Metadata
badDelta Force Bone Animation Data
The Sims 3 Failed Saved Game
bafBattlefield 2 Animation
Infinity Engine Script
The Club Data
bagEmperor: Battle for Dune Data
bahInfinity Engine Game Data
bakTerraria Backup Data
bak1Starbound Backup Data
bak2Starbound Backup Data
bak3Crysis Game Backup
Starbound Backup Data
bamInfinity Engine Animation
banTrain Simulator 3D Animation Data
bankDarkest Dungeon Audio Data
barAge of Mythology Game Data
batchSwitchball Data
bb3BlasterBall 3 Game Data
bbaSettlers: Heritage of Kings Game Data
bblmMario Kart Wii Mod Effects Data
bbmEvasive Action Data
bbrkpuzzleBrainsBreaker Puzzle Data
bbrksaveBrainsBreaker Saved Game
bbzLine Rider 2: Unbound Game Executable
bcOperation Body Count game data
bcbStolen Game Data
bcfThe Sims 3D Body Mesh Data
bclaraAsphalt 8 Game Data
bcsInfinity Engine Compiled Script
bd1X Operations Data
bdaeModern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Game Data
bdcffBoulder Dash Construction Kit Data
bdlF1 2015 Game Bundle Data
bdofMario Kart Wii Mod Effect Data
bdpCombat Flight Simulator Game Data
becGladius Game Data
bexBoom Extension
bfBeyond Good and Evil Game Archive
Cryo BF Game Data
bfbZoo Tycoon 2 Model
bffNeed for Speed: Shift Game Archive
bffmB-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th Game Data
bfgBig Fish Games Application
Mario Kart Wii Effects Data
bfhpCeltic Kings Game Data
bflColin McRae Rally 2 Game Data
bfmBloodrayne Model Data
bfontNeed for Speed: Shift Font
bfpTOCA Touring Car Championship Game Data
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