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Data Filendelser

itbiTunes Database
itdSDL Intermediate Translation Document
itdIRIT 3D Data
itdbiTunes Database
iteiTunes Extras
ithInTether Receiver Package
itkInsight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit Data
itliTunes Library File
itldInfoworx Translation Library Database
itlpiTunes LP Album Data
itmDMDX Item Data
itmiThink Model
itnTomTom Route Data
itpe-Record Data File
itpGROMACS Include Topology
itpciTunes Podcast Link
itriThink Runtime
itssMicrosoft InfoTech Storage System File
ittIconTweaker Theme
ituSheffield Dictionary Data
itvNostalgia Emulator Intellivision ROM
itwInTouch With Database
itxFileNet ITX Form Template
itxIGOR Pro Text File
itxibiTunes Dump Data
iucwyUpdate Client Data
iufLandMark Incremental Update File
iuminfoUSA Network Meter file
iupFritz Update
iutSPaCIoS Tool IUT Definition
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