Extensiones de archivo
Si usted está buscando información acerca de las extensiones de archivos, entonces estás en el lugar correcto en el momento adecuado.

Extensiones de archivos de Datos

omSTK Owner/Mission File
omarSOCSIM Output Marriage File
omcsOffice Manager Access File
omdRouting J Server Data
omfRouting J Server Routing Data
omsLightShow Pro Optimized Media Sequence
omsOrder Maven Data
omtHLA Object Model Template
omxOMAX Routed Data File
ondLotus Notes Database
onepkgMicrosoft OneNote Package
onetmpMicrosoft OneNote Temporary File
onetocMicrosoft OneNote Table of Contents
onetoc2Microsoft OneNote Table of Contents
onlPATCHMASTER Online Analysis Information
onmOutdoor Navigator Map
onttheWord Bible Text Module
ontxtheWord Encrypted Bible Text Module
oobSybase PowerDesigner Object-oriented Model Backup
oomSybase PowerDesigner Object-oriented Model
op2Nastran Binary Results
op4Nastran Binary Results
opalMicrosoft Office Language Specific Resources
opcOffice Upgrade Control
opdWyko NT9100 Surface Profiler Surface Data
openbusAltium Designer OpenBus System Document
opiAdlib Express OCR Processing Information
opiOpenPanorama Image File
oplOpenPanorama Lensflare File
opopSOCSIM Output Population File
2881 para 2910 de 4697