Extensiones de archivo
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Extensiones de archivos de Audio

2chSuper Audio CD Track
2sfNintendo DS Sound
2sflibNintendo DS Audio Library
3ga3GP Audio File
3gpa3GP Audio File
4mp4-MP3 Database
669Composer 669 Music Module
6cmSix Channel Module
8cmEight Channel Module
8medOctaMED Music Module
8svxAmiga 8SVX Sound
a2bAdlib Tracker II Instrument Bank
a2mAdlib Tracker II Song
a2wAdlib Tracker II Instrument Bank with Macros
aaAudible Audiobook
aa3Sony ATRAC3 Audio
aacAdvanced Audio Coding
aaxAudible Enhanced Audiobook
ac1dAC1D-DC1A Packer Module
ac3AC-3 Compressed Audio
ac7Casio WK-3000 AC7 Rythm Data
acd-zipSony ACID Project With Embedded Media
adgAbleton Live Device Group
adpcmDialogic ADPCM Audio File
adtsAdvanced Audio Coding
adxADX Encoded Audio
afcMass Effect 2 Audio Data
afsADX Audio Container
agmDTS Multi-channel Pro Packer
agrAbleton Groove File
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